Garden Girls® - MVB


  • Lieferbar als:Jungpflanzen, Fertigware
  • Blütezeitraum:August bis November

The winter- hardy bud flowering heather Gardengirls ®, is one of the most important bedding plants in Germany.
The Gardengirls® assortment is divided into three groups of flowering time. Thanks to the brilliant breeding performance are long- lasting and beautiful Gardengirls ® over the entire autumn season available.

The right time for the right line

The Summer Line-assortment of Gardengirls® are the early birds on the market. From mid of August they delight us with their colourful budflowers. From September the main-assortement starts later to be followed by Late-line-Callunas. In addition you can always add a splash of colour with fancy leafed Gardengirls® of the Sunset-line.


Please do not underestimate the special varieties as “Knospenzwerge” – hanging Calluna with small buds and the new- comers of the Compact Line.

Besides various pot sizes to choose from are various plant combinations available in which two to five colors harmonize with each other.