Export and Logistics - MVB

Export and Logictic will be even more important

Exporting plants in to the wide world has driven us from the very beginning and still does today. Since more than half a century we look after our clients in Europe and the rest of the world. Our flexible logistic-network enables us to export worldwide. Located in North-Germany and with that being close to many airports and harbours, is the ideal basis. We can offer quick availability of plants combined with plant-protecting and safe transport.

Important for our story of success has always been the solid and long-standing, fair cooperation with all our partners. We work hand in hand with our associates, suppliers and clients. Only when everyone is satisfied and, can identify with their work and product, it turns out well.

Certification and export-service

When setting up the paperwork for loadings, we are as diligent as when selecting and checking plants for loadings. Being certified as an AEO-approved business is proof for that. At the same time we are CC-depot and you can swap damaged CC-container or –layers here Monday to Friday on announcement with Container Centralen.

Our team´s cumulative knowledge of horticulture, trade and logistics leads to smooth transactions, to get all plants to their final destination.

The journey can begin – from Bremen in to the whole world!